Why You Should Drink Kombucha for Workout Recovery

June 21, 2018

A workout does just as it says — it works your body out. Muscles and systems get stressed, in a good way, to improve strength and health. For a quick and complete recovery, replacing the nutrients and water lost becomes necessary. Combined with plenty of water and rest, drinking kombucha for workout recovery gives your body exactly what it needs.


The Why and What of Recovery

Recovery provides the ying to the yang of a heart-pounding, muscle-taxing workout. You need both. Without proper time to adapt to the stress of exercise, replenish energy and repair tissues, fatigue, decreased performance and the risk of injury increase.

Short-term or active recovery includes cooling down, proper nutrition and quality sleep. Post-exercise snack, drink and meal choices play a key role in increasing muscle size by preventing muscle breakdown. During this time, the body also repairs soft tissue and removes chemicals left over from the cell activity occurring during exercise.


Kombucha for Workout Recovery

Developing the ideal training program for your body means tailoring diet and exercise to your body’s needs. Kombucha for workout recovery caters to these needs and helps you achieve your fitness goals. How so?

Check out these three ways the powerhouse nutrition of kombucha boosts recovery…


Joint Protecting

Kombucha targets joint repair and recovery. Nutrients like glucuronic acid, chondroitin and glucosamine found in this post-workout drink reverse tissue damage and protect joints. The movement of exercise naturally places stress on knees, ankles, elbows and shoulders. Your joints benefit from a few swigs of kombucha in recovery.


Toxin Shedding

Cleansing the body of chemicals which build up during exercise speeds recovery. While this process happens naturally in the body, proper nutrition like drinking kombucha as part of your workout routine gives the body a boost. The antioxidants and glucuronic acid (a toxin-battling compound) of this power drink get the job done.


Electrolyte Replacing

A good sweat pulls more than water from a working body. We shed toxins through this natural process. But, good things the body needs also leave through our pores. Replacing the electrolytes and nutrients lost prove critical to optimal recovery. Kombucha provides hydration packed with vitamins and electrolytes minus the unnecessary sweeteners of sports drinks.


Get Your Kombucha Power Today

Valley Isle Kombucha offers naturally delicious post-workout recovery. Increased energy comes with electrolyte and nutrient replacement, detoxification and joint support. Give your taste buds and body a treat today by sipping this drink (along with plenty of water) after your workout.

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