Drink Kombucha

Why You Should Drink Kombucha for Workout Recovery

Combined with plenty of water and rest, drinking kombucha for workout recovery gives your body exactly what it needs. Here’s how.

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How to Use Jackfruit for Your Health

Jackfruit isn’t just a tasty exotic fruit. It’s also versatile and full of health benefits! Here’s how to prepare and eat jackfruit for your health:

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5 Ways Kombucha is Positively Benefiting Your Health — Part 2

Did you know Kombucha helps reduce body weight and defends against type 2 diabetes? It strengthens your body’s natural defense system and gives you the advantage over several health conditions and diseases.

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5 Ways Kombucha is Positively Benefiting Your Health — Part 1

Your body needs probiotics and kombucha may be the most effective probiotic. Kombucha is powerhouse of organic acids, enzymes and probiotics that enhances good gut bacteria.

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5 Reasons Sipping on Kombucha is a Healthy Choice

Kombucha has got to be one of the most popular beverages this decade, with thousands of die-hard fans. After all, there are so many reasons to love this effervescent beverage: the taste, the variety of flavors, the energy boost… If you are looking for reasons why sipping on kombucha is a healthy choice, read on for our top 5 reasons:

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Health Benefits of Moringa

Have you seen moringa powder on store shelves and wondered what it was? Like kombuicha, moringa has been used for thousands of years to support good health, but is only recently being widely recognized. Learn more about the health benefits of moringa, and why we offer... read more

What to Expect When You Try Kombucha for the First Time

Have you ever looked at all those bottles of kombucha sitting on store shelves and wondered, “what’s all the buzz about?” Kombucha certainly has an almost cult-like following. If you think you want to give this beverage a try, here’s a quick guide on what to expect when you try kombucha for the first time.

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Outstanding Benefits of Guava on your Health

There are so many reasons to love the humble guava. This little tropical fruit is packed with flavor, and is one of our most popular kombucha blends. Guava is very good for you too! In fact, you’ll find several impressive benefits of guava on your health, from preventing cancer to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

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Kombucha as a Probiotic Supplement

While most people enjoy kombucha simply for its refreshing effervescence and sweet-tart flavor, many choose to sip kombucha as a probiotic supplement, too. In fact, the live probiotics in kombucha have a lot to do with this drink’s many health benefits.

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