Sustainable Farming Long-term with Non-GMO Hawai’i SEED

October 3, 2019

When it comes to our bodies, it’s important to know what we’re taking in. Genetically modified or engineered organisms can cause us harm. However, many people don’t realize they’re eating them. While Hawaii is a great place to grow food due to the rich soil and ideal climate, there are still issues. Hawai’i SEED is a nonprofit organization that works to educate the public about the risks of GMO food.


About Hawai’i SEED


Made up of a variety of people

This nonprofit organization includes farmers, activists, and grassroots groups. These people are from all five islands and seek to work together toward the mission of Hawai’i SEED.

Based on education

The main mission of Hawai’i SEED is to educate. They teach the public about risks that genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, and genetically engineered, or GE foods. In addition to education, Hawai’i SEED supports sustainable agriculture and GMO labeling legislation.

Promote mindful farming

This organization seeks to promote healthy, local, diverse and ecological food and farming. It provides workshops to farmers to show available alternatives to genetic engineering. Organic farming is one of the main focuses of Hawai’i SEED which helps steer farmers away from GMO and GE foods.


About GMOs and GE


Created, not grown

Scientists in a laboratory create GMOs or GE organisms. These scientists insert genes into an organism to create new traits.


Soy lecithin, corn syrup, canola, and cottonseed oil are all GMOs. You will see these in many ingredients lists, but the label on the item itself may not be clear.

GMOs in Hawaii

Hawaii has more experimental field trials than any other state. These include corn, rice, and sugarcane engineered with human genes.


The problem

The main problem with genetic engineering is that no one can place a gene with complete accuracy. It can disrupt the DNA of the organism. There can be side effects that are impossible to predict. This can cause issues with cells and cell functions in people which can lead to instability, changes in nutritional value and the creation of new allergens or toxins. They can also cause antibiotic resistance. This leads to problems with farming in the future.


It’s important to be aware of what you’re putting in your body. Hawai’i SEED works hard to educate people and farmers about the effects of GMOs. They want people to know how long-term sustainable farming techniques can benefit everyone. Above all, Hawai’i SEED wants to keep you healthy.

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