The Passion Fruit Facts and Health Benefits You Need to Know

December 21, 2017

What is Passion Fruit?

If you’re a visitor to the topics, you may not be familiar with this delectable fruit. Passion fruit, known as “lilikoi” on Hawaii, comes from Passiflora edulis, a beautiful flowering vine native to South America. The yellow, orange or purple fruit has a hard, waxy shell with a pulpy interior full of seeds. Lilikoi is beloved for its flowery aroma and sweet-tart taste. It blends well with other tropical juices, and is also very good for you. Here are some passion fruit facts and health benefits you need to know:


Passion fruit is a low-calorie fruit packed with flavor, fiber, vitamins and minerals.


Digestive and Detox Aid

Passion fruit is a fantastic source of soluble fiber – making it a favorite addition to detox protocols and cleanse diets. It is also a good addition to your diet for relieving bloating, constipation and similar digestive problems.


A Quality Source of Minerals

Passion fruit is also a vegan source of absorbable minerals, including iron. A single serving contains 9.5% of copper and fulfills an impressive 20% of our bodies’ daily iron needs. When combined with the fruit’s high levels of Vitamin C, this iron is more easily absorbed – perfect for preventing anemia.


Boosts Immunity and Helps Fight Cancer

Although not as well-known for its cancer-fighting properties as pomegranate and blueberries, passion fruit is packed with antioxidants. A single serving contains 43% of our body’s daily Vitamin A need, and … Vitamin C. Passion fruit is also high in cancer-fighting flavonoids like Cryptoxanthin and lycopene, as well as phytonutrients. Many of these nutrients are also natural immunity boosters, keeping colds, the flu, and other common illnesses at bay.


Helps Lower Blood Pressure and Improves Circulation

Low in sodium and high in potassium, passion fruit helps maintain a healthy electrolyte balance in our bodies, which in turn helps prevent high blood pressure, and maintains healthy muscle function. Potassium also helps relax our blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more easily.


Good for Eye Health

Like carrots, passion fruit contains beta-carotene, and is very good for maintaining eye health. It’s high levels of Vitamin A and flavonoids are also well-known for protecting the eye’s mucous membranes and preventing free-radical damage.

Want to give passion fruit a try? Visit a local Maui farmer’s market for the fresh fruit, have a taste of “lilikoi haupia,” or — better yet — stop by Alchemy Maui for a sip of our own Local Lilikoi kombucha!

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