Outstanding Benefits of Guava on your Health

February 1, 2018

There are so many reasons to love the humble guava. This little tropical fruit is packed with flavor, and is one of our most popular kombucha blends. Guava is very good for you too! In fact, you’ll find several impressive benefits of guava on your health, from preventing cancer to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.


What is Guava?

Guava is a small and sweet fruit grown in Hawaii and other tropical climates. This delectable fruit comes in many different colors. Locally, you’ll find “honey guava,” “strawberry guava,” and “cherry guava,” as well as several others. These are seasonal fruits that you can harvest every winter from small trees. They are often eaten raw, right off the tree, but also make delicious jams and juices.


Lowers Risk of Cancer

Guava is rich in several powerful antioxidants, including lycopene, quercetin, vitamin C and other polyphenols. These free-radical fighters boost the body’s immune system and help stop the formation of cancer cells.


Supports Heart Health

Eating guava is good for your heart. This little fruit can help lower blood pressure and decrease bad LDL cholesterol levels. According to one recent study, eating ripe guava before meals reduces total cholesterol levels by 10%. Guava is also a very good source of heart health-boosting potassium and soluble fiber.


Balances Blood Sugar

Good news for those with diabetes: guava may help improve blood sugar control. Several recent studies have found that eating guava can reduce blood sugar levels, improve blood sugar maintenance, and even reduce insulin resistance.


Improves Digestion

Guava is an excellent source of fiber. In fact, just one serving provides 12% of your body’s daily needs. Including guava as part of a high-fiber diet can help maintain bowel health, reduce constipation and even aid in weight loss.


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