Our Favorite Kombucha Flavors

October 5, 2017

Kombucha isn’t just good for you – it’s absolutely delicious too! Did you know, Valley Isle Kombucha offers a selection of over two dozen kombucha flavors? We have everything from superfood-infused Maui Green, to soda-like Cherry Cola. Here’s a breakdown of our favorite kombucha flavors. Have you tried them all yet?


Tropical Treats

At Valley Isle Kombucha, we proudly offer tropical fruit blends in our kombucha, using locally-sourced and organic ingredients. Some of our favorites include:


Health Blends

If you’re in the mood for a kombucha flavor with an extra health kick, these blends are worth a try! Many, like the pomegranate and apple beet, enhance kombucha’s antioxidant content. Others, like the lemon ginger, are great for helping you ward off a head cold. Don’t let their health qualities fool you: all of these flavors are delicious!

  • Lemon Ginger
  • Goji Berry
  • Pomegranate
  • Maui Green
  • Apple Beet
  • Moringa


Familiar Fruit Blends

If tropical treats don’t tickle your fancy, try some of these familiar fruit blends! Most fruits, like the strawberry and raspberry, are even sourced from local farms here on Maui.

  • Green Apple
  • Kula Strawberry
  • Island Peach
  • Cherry Hibiscus
  • Maui Melon
  • Maui Raspberry


Fun and Unique Blends

Why settle for all of the fantastic flavors above when you can mix it up a little? These are Valley Isle Kombucha’s exclusive, fun and unique kombucha flavors!


Keep in mind, not all of Valley Isle Kombucha’s flavors are always available. Some flavors are seasonal, just like the locally sourced fruits they come from. Also remember: our kombucha is always fresh and raw, never pasteurized, and brewed to perfection. Some strands of culture may be present. For a taste of our latest flavors, stop by Alchemy Maui in Lahaina for some tasty lunch and delicious kombucha on tap!

No matter the flavor you choose, Valley Isle Kombucha will be the healthy beverage choice for you and your family and friends.

Try all our

Try all our