Kombucha as a Probiotic Supplement

January 18, 2018

While most people enjoy kombucha simply for its refreshing effervescence and sweet-tart flavor, many choose to sip kombucha as a probiotic supplement, too. In fact, the live probiotics in kombucha have a lot to do with this drink’s many health benefits.

Good gut microbes (aka, probiotics) are important for optimal health and are essential to a healthy digestive system. They are not only associated with better digestion, but also weight loss, metabolism and even good immunity.

Real, raw kombucha is a living drink packed with active probiotics that grow during the fermentation process. It is similar to other fermented foods, like kimchi, yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut.


Probiotic Foods vs. Supplements

Liquid and pill probiotic supplements are very popular, and for good reason. In fact, they make a wonderful addition to a healthy diet. Probiotic food and drinks, however, offer something more, including:

  • A wider variety of microbes (most supplements only have one or two lab-grown strains)
  • Healthier, more active microbes
  • An acid-resistant environment to help the tiny microbes survive the journey to the intestines.

When it comes to fermented probiotic-rich drinks, kombucha is an all-star, easily ranking with raw apple cider vinegar (but far tastier, in our opinion).


A Word of Warning

Health food store shelves are packed with colorful bottles of kombucha, but not all brands are created alike. If you want to drink kombucha as a probiotic supplement, steer clear of pasteurized kombucha. The pasteurization process kills all microbes, rendering the kombucha’s probiotic contents useless. Valley Isle Kombucha is one of only a few brands that produces fresh, raw, living kombucha. All of our flavors are skillfully brewed in a dedicated, safe, and sterile environment to get the perfect flavor and balance, every time.

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