Give Your Taste Buds a Workout with the Many Different Hawaiian Banana Varieties

September 5, 2019

Ohhh … the taste of the islands … the flavor explosion gives your taste buds a sensory workout! Bananas alone offer over 1,000 varieties to keep culinary dishes interesting. Check out these locally-grown Hawaiian banana varieties.



Rare and beautiful, the ae ae banana only grows in Hawaii. This sweet dessert banana is tasty but itself or folded into a savory recipe. Due to its rarity, the ae ae banana is more expensive than many other types.

FLAVOR: Sweet and dessert-like.



At peak ripeness, the apple banana serves as a delicious dessert banana. Yet, it also compliments tart and sour flavors in your favorite dishes.

FLAVOR: Sweet, tangy mixture of apple and strawberry.



Known as the banana used to create the banana split, this banana gets rave reviews. Its fruity fragrance hints at its delicious taste in most kitchen concoctions.

FLAVOR: Firm, creamy texture with a sweet, complex taste.



The cavendish banana claims the top spot in most grocery store produce sections. Eat them fresh, blend them into smoothies, or add them to ice cream.

FLAVOR: Think banana — that’s the cavendish.


Ice Cream

As the name suggests, the ice cream banana falls in the dessert category. Freeze this banana and blend it in smoothies. Or serve solo whipped into an “ice cream” treat. Yum!

FLAVOR: Hints of vanilla in a smooth, ice cream consistency.


Kluay Khai

This variety is also known as Thai Dessert — need we say more? Try them deep-fried, in a heavy syrup, or cooked into savory dishes.

FLAVOR: Creamy, firm and super sweet.



Whether cooked or fresh, the pitgo banana shines. It works especially well as a dessert. Try it fried for an amazing treat.

FLAVOR: Looks like a fig, tastes like a banana.


Praying Hands

Pluck these mild bananas on the overripe side and eat them fresh for a one-of-a-kind taste. Even better, cook them up — nothing beats a praying hands banana in a dinner recipe.

FLAVOR: Mild sweetness, a bit of tartness, the flavor of oranges, apples, and peaches — all in one fruit!



Cooked or plucked straight off the bunch, the red banana proves tasty. Their health benefits make them an even more stellar choice.

FLAVOR: Sweet with a hint of raspberry.


Sucrier (Lady Finger)

The many varieties of Lady Fingers allow for several cooked and fresh uses. The sucrier banana makes the perfect snack in size and sweetness for adults and kids.

FLAVOR: Sweet taste with a firm texture.


Try these Hawaiian banana varieties in your food. Then let us know which banana is your favorite!

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