Why You Should Drink Kombucha On Your Hawaii Vacation

November 9, 2017

Taking a trip to beautiful Maui? Make the most of your time here by indulging in some health-boosting kombucha! Here are 3 good reasons why you should drink kombucha on your Hawaii vacation:


Reduce Jet Lag

Jet lag is that exhausted, lightheaded and nauseous feeling that can happen after flying over several time zones. It’s very common, and really puts a damper on your vacation.

Because one of the contributing factors to jet lag is dehydration, of the best ways to keep it at bay is to consume plenty of electrolyte-rich drinks during your travels. Fortunately, kombucha packed with electrolytes, and contains none of the added sugars, artificial flavors or colors common in other electrolyte drinks. Sip on kombucha, in addition to drinking plenty of water, during and after your flight to Maui.


Help Ward off Illness

Airports and airplanes are notorious hubs for icky germs. The last thing you want on your tropical vacation is to come down with a cold or flu that you picked up on the way here. Fortunately, kombucha is packed with antioxidants and other immune system boosters, including:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Beta-carotene
  • polyphenols
  • Probiotics

Tip: for an extra immune system boost, try one of our antioxidant-rich kombucha blends, like pomegranate and Tahitian Lime.


Enjoy a Healthy Taste of the Tropics

One of the best parts of a Maui vacation is enjoying the tasty tropical fruits that grow so abundantly here. From the famous mangoes and pineapples, to the lesser-known lychee and lilikoi, these fruits are especially delicious when blended into kombucha. As a bonus, these tropical fruit kombucha blends are much lower in sugar than juices, contain no additives, and come with a bonus probiotic boost as well.

Whether you’re a die-hard kombucha fan, or just wanting to sip on something healthy, drink kombucha on your Hawaii vacation to help ward off jet lag and illness, and to enjoy a taste of the tropics!

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