A Guide to Tropical Hawaiian Fruits

February 21, 2019

Balmy weather and fertile soil make Hawaii one of the most unique habitats on earth, and one of the best spots to grow amazing tropical fruits. Year round warm weather produces a haven for all different types of tropical fruit (native and non-native) to thrive. If you travel to Hawaii, you just can’t miss trying some fresh tropical fruit. In fact, most natives have fresh fruit with almost every meal. Here are a few Hawaiian fruits that we infuse in our kombucha here at Valley Isle Kombucha.



There are a few varieties of Hawaiian pineapples that have varying degrees of acidity, though all are delicious! Thanks to the warm climate, pineapples are available throughout the year. We pair pineapple with guava and ginger for two of our signature kombucha flavors.



Regular guava and strawberry guava actually grow wild in Hawaii. They were brought over by European explorers and have been growing like weeds ever since. We pair the exotic taste of guava with pineapple and our custom brewed kombucha for a taste of the islands like no other.



An American favorite is taken to the next level with Hawaiian-grown watermelon. Think of the sweetest, juiciest watermelon you have ever had and you are getting close to a local, Hawaiian watermelon. Watermelon is a natural choice to put in several of our kombucha creations.



Hawaiian strawberries are a special treat because they can ripen fully before picking. Strawberries from other areas must be picked early for shipping purposes, but when you eat local in Hawaii, you can have a strawberry at the perfect moment of ripeness. Hawaiian raspberries, known as Akala, are tart and juicy. We use strawberries and raspberries in our kombucha flavors like Kula Strawberry and Upcountry Raspberry.



Coconuts are a delicious and useful Hawaiian fruit. Once you drink the milk, eat the flesh and then use the husk as a tool for any number of tasks, you will see why Hawaiians love coconuts. We love how the unique flavor of coconut stands out in our signature Maui Coconut kombucha.



There are many varieties of papaya in Hawaii, so make sure you try several to see which one you like best. Not only are they delicious, but papayas also have great health benefits like lowering cholesterol and aiding in weight loss. Try our Papaya Lime kombucha for a mouth-watering and healthy drink.

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