7 Powerful Health Benefits of Eating Beets for Your Overall Health

July 5, 2018

Go to the farmer’s market and you see beautiful bunches of purple-red beets topped with lush dark green leaves. These humble little root veggies are very tasty, and good for you too! Introduce them into your regular diet and enjoy the health benefits of eating beets. They have a wonderful earthy flavor and are packed with essential vitamins and minerals: from vitamins B and C to minerals like magnesium and potassium. You can’t beat the health benefits of this root vegetable, and the color brightens salads, veggie dishes, and of course our favorite kombucha blends.

Check out the health benefits below:


1. Lower your blood pressure

Our high-stress lifestyles are leading to higher blood pressure across the population, even in children. The humble beet provides great support for keeping blood pressure levels low. With a high concentration of nitrates, beets help to dilate the blood vessels, improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure.


2. … and reduce your chances of heart disease

Beets also provide protection against heart disease thanks to the compound betaine and the B-vitamin folate. The two work together to lower the blood levels of homocysteine, a toxin known to cause of heart disease.


3. Boost the Brain

The nitrates in beets can increase blood flow to the frontal cortex of the brain. This is ‘where the thinking happens’. Regular servings of beets will give your brain a boost with increased oxygen levels. A benefit at any age, this is even more important as we age and our brain’s energy and activity naturally slows.


4. Fight Inflammation

Inflammation has been linked to all chronic diseases, including heart disease, obesity, liver disease and possibly cancer. Beets have your back here too. They are high in the betalains, an antioxidant compound that reduces inflammation in the body. Getting antioxidants from your food is an affordable and effective alternative to buying expensive supplements. Give your body an extra anti-inflammatory boost, and eat your beets along with a glass of kombucha.


5. Improve your Game

Game on! The nitrates in beets can jump-start your athletic performance. Betalains improve the efficiency of energy production in your cells. This improves oxygen use. Drink the beet juice 2 to 3 hours before your competition for greatest benefit, and enjoy increased oxygen use of up to 20%. Runners and bikers will feel a real difference in their stamina.


6. Get things Moving 

We know that fiber improves colon health and prevent disease, and beets are packed with fiber, on top of all the other nutrients they offer. This side benefit can reduce your risk for diverticulitis, constipation and hemorrhoids. (And don’t be surprised when that great beet color appears in the bowl!)


7. Improve Liver Function

Your liver is working non-stop to detoxify your body and cleanse your blood. Beets contain an assist for the liver too. The amino acid betaine improves the liver’s detoxifying function. Betaine also helps to prevent the build up of fats the leads to fatty liver and liver disease. 


So do your body – and your taste buds – a favor. Grab your bike, get to the farmers market for a big bunch of beets and start cooking – or grating – or juicing. Not in the mood to cook? Head over to Alchemy Maui, where several tasty dishes feature this tasty root vegetable. You will also find beet juice in our VIK kombucha blends; the beets’ sweetness is complemented by the sparkling refreshing beverage. And yes, the bright pink spill of beet juice on your shirt will come out in the wash. Eat your beets!

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