5 Ways Being Sustainable Is Good for Your Health

November 23, 2017

When we use the word “sustainable,” many of us think of what’s good for the environment or the economy. Sustainable choices, however, can benefit us too. These are just some of the ways being sustainable is good for your health:


1. Introduces more variety into the diet

Sustainable eating is seasonal, like eating more mangoes in late summer, avocados in winter, and avoiding imported fruits out-of-season. Depending on seasonal foods like this forces us to try new things more often, which is great for our health (not to mention our taste buds!).


2. Reduces exposure to harmful pesticides

Conventional produce is contaminated with pesticides like neonicotinoids and organochlorines. Reduce your exposure to these substances by eating organic food from sustainable farms – which rely on natural methods, not poison, for pest control.


3. Promotes better food choices

The more you depend on sustainable foods, the less you’ll buy processed junk food. The result is a diet rich in fiber and antioxidants, and low in trans fats and refined sugar.


4. Increases nutrient intake

Did you know, the longer produce is spent in storage and shipment, the more it loses its nutritional value? Not only that, but modern commercial varieties of apples, citrus and other fruits were developed to have a long shelf life, and as a result don’t contain as many nutrients as their local, heirloom cousins. By eating nutrient-rich local produce, you give your body a boost of vitamins and minerals.


5. Helps foster connections within the community

When you purchase food from sustainable local farms, you become more connected to your community. These connections can have a profound impact on mental health. In fact, face-to-face interactions with others, like at a farmer’s market, is proven to help reduce stress.

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