5 Dragon Fruit Health Benefits You May Not Know

May 10, 2018

The bright red or yellow appearance and thick spikes of the dragon fruit suggest you not take it seriously. Its name may even advise you to steer clear of this treat. But, this tropical super fruit boasts killer health benefits you want included in your diet. Check out these five dragon fruit health benefits you may not know: 


1. Immunity Booster

Dragon fruit offers what your body needs to stay healthy. Antioxidants, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and antibacterial properties keep free radicals, fungal and bacterial infections, and toxins at bay by raising white blood cell counts. Cell regeneration and healing are boosted. And, the anti-carcinogenic compounds of carotene and lycopene in this fruit also ward off cancer.


2. Weight Blaster

A fruit with protein proves to be a rare commodity. Dragon fruit is one such treasure. This superfood boosts metabolism, strength and muscle mass. All of which help shed pounds. Furthermore, the antioxidants work to flush wastes and detoxify the body — another weight blaster. Weight management and conditions, like type 2 diabetes, benefit from this fruit.


3. Strength Builder

While the protein in dragon fruit builds muscle, the high levels of calcium and phosphorus give you strong bones and a beautiful smile. Improving bone-mineral density and supporting gum health, this fruit keeps bones and teeth intact, getting you through your day with confidence.


4. External Beautifier

Not only is this tropical superfood good for your inside, it beautifies your outside as well. Its antioxidants fight free radicals associated with aging. B vitamins also work to treat acne and prevent sun damage, while its vitamin C brightens your skin. Plus, all those vitamins and antioxidants produce nourished, gorgeous hair.


5. Body System Ally

Dragon fruit is one fire-breathing ally you want on your side. Its antioxidants, vitamins and minerals guard your respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, cognitive and visual systems. For example, the high fiber content in the seeds keeps your digestive tract on track. And, studies show improved blood sugar responses and weight management from eating this superfood.


Grab Your Dragon Fruit Health Benefits

When you run to the store today, be sure to grab a couple of these vitamin-rich fruits to try. Different colors mean different flavors, ranging from mild to tangy. You are sure to find one your tastebuds (and the rest of your body) love. Or better yet: visit Alchemy Maui for a chance to try our exclusive dragonfruit kombucha (available when in season).

Dragon fruit health benefits land this exotic fruit among our favorites at Valley Isle Kombucha. We use only organic, locally-sourced produce in our products, offering you vitamin-rich, delicious kombucha.

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