5 Amazing Lavender Health Benefits

October 4, 2018

Locally grown, sustainable and an effective answer to anxiety and stress, lavender is an amazing flower with many benefits. At Valley Isle Kombucha, we choose to use fresh, local lavender to flavor our signature kombucha brew for several reasons. Not only does it have a delightfully delicate flavor and aroma, it is good for you too! Keep reading to find out how lavender can relieve stress, anxiety and other ailments.


Lavender Health Benefits


Calm Anxiety

Lavender decreases the effects of stress hormones by stimulating neurotransmitters in the brain. It helps to prevent mental exhaustion and improve brain function. It can also lessen sensitivity to painful stimuli like chronic pain or even strong emotions. Many people use lavender essential oil applied topically for anxiety relief, but it also works well as a drink. When combined with kombucha tea, its health benefits are multiplied.


Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation can cause a lot of issues in the body. Headaches, skin problems, arthritis and fevers are just a few symptoms of inflammation. Lavender effectively calms many different types of inflammation, inside the body and out. If you struggle with joint issues, you may find that our lavender kombucha eases pain and inflammation.


Improve Digestion

There are a few ways that lavender aids in digestion. The minerals in lavender help the digestive tract absorb more nutrients from food and cut down on indigestion, constipation and cramping. Lavender also contains antispasmodics that settle upset stomachs and regulate bowel movements.

The combination of lavender and kombucha packs a powerful punch for any digestive problems you may have. Fermentation produces wonderful bacteria in kombucha that is essential for gut health. Combined with calming and regulative lavender, our kombucha is the best thing you can do for your digestive health.


Promote Regular Sleep

Lavender not only calms you but can also help you stay asleep for longer. It has been shown to decrease insomnia and sleep disturbances. The intense calming effect of lavender allows you to get into a deeper sleep cycle. Forego the sleeping pill and enjoy a good night’s sleep naturally by drinking lavender kombucha.


Anti-Inflammatory, Calming and Delicious

Lavender has been used for hundreds of years to calm anxiety, improve digestion and address skin problems. At Valley Isle Kombucha, we use fresh and local lavender to create our signature Apple Lavender kombucha tea. Check out all of the unique island flavors and try for yourself!

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