3 Goji Berry Benefits That Your Whole Body Will Love

August 16, 2018

Sustainable, local, body-benefiting ingredients are important to us at Valley Isle Kombucha — just one reason we love the goji berry. This berry, also known as the wolfberry, grows on a shrub native to China and has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. Try them fresh, dried or cooked, on their own or in teas, juices and recipes to realize their healing benefits. Only two servings a day of this cross between a cranberry and a cherry (in taste) give your whole body a boost it will love.

The goji berry lives up to its reputation as a super food. In one serving of wolfberries you get four grams of protein, 18 amino acids and more than 20 trace minerals, including B2, iron and zinc. Yes, the bright red-orange goji berry packs a powerful punch for its small size.


What do these goji berry benefits mean for your body?


1. Boosted Immunity

Packed with antioxidants and nutrients, goji berries help your body fight everything from a common cold to cancer. Specifically, they…

– Boost the immune system.

– Protect against inflammation.

– Fight free radical damage.

– Reduce oxidative stress.

– Detoxify the body.

How do they accomplish all this? With high levels of vitamin A and vitamin C, greater amounts of carotenoids than carrots, and more iron than spinach or soybeans.


2. Boosted Energy

Studies show increased energy levels and an improvement in general well-being for people who regularly consume goji berry juice. This super food also boosts mood which enhances energy levels. A serving of these berries in the afternoon might just get you through the day. Or, try them as a pre-workout snack to increase stamina.


3. Boosted Skin Health

Your skin proves to be your largest organ, making it worth protecting. And, goji berries help do just that. Ample amounts of beta-carotene found in these nutrient-packed nuggets promote skin health. And, with the increase in skin cancers, the antioxidants in goji berries offer welcome protection. They guard against skin disorders and UV light damage as well as free radical damage caused by the sun.


Add Goji Berry to Your Day

Small but mighty, the goji berry boosts your body’s ability to fight disease, heal and protect itself. Plus, who doesn’t want increased energy to get through all life demands of you?

At Valley Isle Kombucha, we love adding the goji berry into our products to give you the best health-boosting benefits possible. Check us out.

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