11 Great Reasons to Drink Kombucha Daily

January 4, 2018

Kombucha boasts impressive health benefits that impact many different functions in the body. If you are considering adding kombucha as a healthy part of your diet, here are some great reasons to drink kombucha daily:


1. Boosts the immune system. A rich source of probiotics and antioxidants like Vitamin A, C, and organic acids, kombucha helps neutralize free radicals in the body.


2. Helps control diabetes. Like the black tea it’s made from, kombucha contains properties that help reduce and control diabetes symptoms, including deterring elevated glucose levels.


3. Is a great source of probiotics. It’s no secret that kombucha is an excellent source of probiotics like beneficial bacteria and yeast. These helpful microorganisms are a critical component of our bodies’ digestive and immune systems.


4. Helps prevent cancer. Thanks to its many beneficial properties, like antioxidants and detoxifying gluconic acid, kombucha is an effective way to prevent cancer. Recent studies show kombucha is especially effective against breast cancer and pancreatic cancer.


5. Supports joint health. Kombucha is an excellent source of glucosamine, which boosts the production of joint-protecting hyaluronic acid. It’s so effective, that kombucha is used to help reduce arthritis pain.


6. Improves cellular health. Recent studies show that drinking kombucha can help protect the body’s cells from cytotoxicity – damage from cellular toxins.


7. Improves digestion. Raw, unpasteurized kombucha is packed with active enzymes, that help the body break down many different vitamins and minerals for improved absorption.


8. Enhances liver function. Kombucha is famous for its detoxifying properties, because it contains glucuronic acid, which aids the liver and pancreas in nullifying and ridding the body of toxins.


9. Provides a vegan source of chelated iron. Thanks to its wealth of microbes, kombucha is an excellent source of vegan-approved naturally chelated iron – the most absorbable form of iron.


10. Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Kombucha contains “anti-lipidemic properties,” which inhibit the absorption of “bad” LDL cholesterol


11. Helps heal gastric ulcers. A lesser-known reason to drink kombucha daily: it contains phenols, which decrease gastric acids and protect tissues from further damage.

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